Friday, September 21, 2012

WTIA Disbursement Results for ...

Hello there, VivBounty here to wake you up to the possibilities of your life and your finances!!

 Below is the shortest update I have ever received by email from Rick Mathews, Founder of The WealthSystem(TM):

Take 2 seconds to look at this, because it could make you well over 2 million.

"Being in the right place at the right time is NOT the key to success.
Realizing that you're in the right place already and doing something about it, IS."
- Kiyosaki

Rick also signs his email updates with the following moto:
The Success System That Never Fails Desire + Study + Action = SUCCESS

Disbursment Results for Shannon Neill 9960

Name Id Payment Amount Reasons
Deborah Neill 9950 10 Training Group
Lynda Mekalick 9646 50 Primary Group
Robert Marlin 9603 10 Bonus Training Group
Lane Scott 7896 10 Primary Bonus Group
Bryan Hedges 5914 10 Leadership Bonus Group

Show me another program where 99 usd comes in and after payment processor fees,
website programmer fees, server fees, etc, etc, etc,there is about 90 dollars left,
and it is all paid back out to the Member Associates!

Here is how they do it! Watch the video below then click on the WTIA banner for my link! 

So are you going to let another year go by trying to find the next best thing or are you going
to get with the program and take your rightful place among the millionaires who have been
here paying daily for over 20 years in every free country in the world?

Just asking!

Helping you manifest your bounty
by creating wealth online, 

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Phone: 206-309-4263
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