Sunday, July 27, 2014

How To Post Images in F5MMC Forum

Hello There, VivBounty here to show you how to post images in F5MMC forum or any forum which uses BBCode.

The F5MMC Forum is used by members to post notices when they get paid by the Gold Booster and DailyNetPay. Members are permitted to add one of their capture page URLs to the post. When the Admin of the forum, John Kielec, founder and president of F5M Millionaires Club, DailyNetPay and now owner of Wealth Team International, A.K.A. WTIA sees that you have posted a notice that you have been paid, he then includes the URL of your capture page included in that post to an advertising rotator giving you more exposure to your business and therefore more opportunity to earn more money. In addition, the F5MMC Forum also has a lot of traffic so the mere posting of your notice and capture page URL gives you exposure and more advertising for your business.

Click on the image below to reach the F5M-Millionaires Club Forum!:

To get to the Gold Booster thread, click on the link above bright yellow banner as in image below:

To see the many posts from our old forum click on the "Got Paid From Gold Booster" link:
The many views to this forum mean many visitors to your F5MMC and DailyNetPay capture page links. 

To add your post and capture page URL to the F5MMC Forum, click on => PLEASE CLICK HERE and use REPLY button and notice the views in the image below:

Once you click "Reply" you will come to a form to create your post as in the image below:

Remember this forum is for F5MMC and DailyNetPay members to post in, so if you haven't already registered in the forum, you'll need to do so.  At this point if you haven't done so, you will be promted to log in the forum. Now you will be taken to the "New Reply" form:

Type your post in the blank field. To get emoticons or smileys, you can click on the smiley icon. 

You can choose from the list or close the list and use the keyboard shortcuts in your text which will create the image in the list. 

You should always add one of your capture page URLs in your post so that Admin can add it to the special Gold Booster advertising rotator to bring more traffic to your business. Remember this is FREE advertising. Take advantage of it!

If you want to get real fancy and add a banner, fortunately for us members of F5M Millionaires Club (F5MMC) and DailyNetPay (DNP), John Kielec is constantly creating banners and resources to make our advertising easy as pie. Just log into your DNP back office and click on the Banners/URLs link to find a banner you like already encoded with your username, which means tagged to you.

Click on "insert photo" icon to add your banner. When posting in a forum which uses BBCode, you you must use an image from a URL, i.e. one that is already uploaded and hosted online. There are many provided for you in your DailyNetPay member area. The image URLs can be distinguished from your capture page URLs because they end in .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg and you must type the whole URL beginning with the http://:

The banner appears distorted until you click OK in the window under the distorted image.

Now the post is drafted and the banner is inserted but you want the banner to be clickable and lead to your capture page URL so you must click on the banner in your draft until you see the little squares appear around the image. Then click the "Link" icon in the tool bar above. The screen will become shaded grey and a box will appear for you to put in your capture page URL. Just type in the box of the greyed out http://:

Now Click "Preview Post" to see how your post looks. The preview will appear just above the form you are composing in:

If you are happy with how it looks, scroll down and click "Add Reply". Now your post is live on the F5MMC/DNP forum and has it's own URL which you can then add to the DNP Facebook page. 

There you are, you now have a post on the Forum which will inform visitors to the F5MMC/DNP Forum that this program is the one to end online failure, it really is paying real people like you and I and they will see your link in text and under the clickable banner. Should they click on either of these you will get prospects and maybe even signups from the large volume of traffic to this forum. In addition, I remind you that every time you get paid and post in this Forum, John Kielec, Admin will add your link to the advertising rotator for more free advertising.

Stay tuned for my next post about sharing your Forum post in the DailyNetPay and F5M Millionaires Facebook groups and pages. 

Bountiful Blessings, 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Daily Net Pay Is Launching Late This Month

Hello There,

Just a quick announcement the Daily Net Pay or DNP is launching later this month (May). DNP is the final addition to F5M-MC a.k.a. F5M Millionaires Club. This is long awaited Great News!

DNP has been in the works for 2 years or more, and we all know how tedious it is to hear about pre launch this and soon coming that, so I have not posted about it until now that John Kielec, founder and president of F5M-MC has given us his word that DNP will launch this month of May 2014.

We have had a tester site up for some time now and as this addition to F5MMC is a monthly payment component, a newbie on the Internet can always start with  this tried and true most rewarding financial club, with ONE TIME fee of $5.00 and earn income for LIFE!

Here is an excerpt of John Kielec's update:

>>> This is GREAT and LONG awaited news that all have been waiting for!
>>> The DailyNetPay (DNP) will be launching this month, closer to the end of May!

After nice long discussion with our programmer Saturday night,
I can say that we are 100% sure the DNP will be launched this month.

The official date will be announced after we test the payment and commission payouts process.
If this works fairly smooth, we will be ready to launch shortly after.

>>> The 1st  Payment - Payout Tests Begin This Week!

The first payment and payout test will begin this Wednesday.
After the 1st payment and payout commission is fully tested,
I will notify 5 members who have responded in the past to the DNP-STP Ready
and we will perform same test as with the very first one.
After these testes, we will do the final test of 10 more DNP-STP Ready
and if everything goes smoothly, we will set the official day for the Great Launch!

Some helpful information about your DNP member's area!

To start we will use SolidTrustPay (STP)
where you can pay by debit or credit card directly.

If you do not have STP account,
please get one, it's totally Free:

When you get your STP account set up,
please start your VERIFICATION process right away.
These days all payment processors require that.
This process can take some time to be verified,
that's why I recommend to do it as soon as you can.
John added instructions for current members at within our news site, but for anyone hearing for the first time, check out the how it works section here:

Or better yet, just get on my list for free information right now and have yourself positioned to be in the easiest online business with a product that millions buy online and even if you hate or don't know how to promote, this program takes care of that for you too. It's virtually impossible to fail. See what all the fuss is about Daily Net Pay!

See you on the inside!

Wishing You Bountiful Blessings,
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Skype: vivbounty - Please e-mail first
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