Monday, June 11, 2012

Joined F5MMC Worked 1 Year Hospitalized Next 2 Years Still Paid Daily

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VivBounty here. I just had to share with you the amazing story of Jonathan Hopkins and how reliable, upstanding and stable our program F5MMC is, not to mention lucrative, if you work it. Lay the ground work as we keep saying and you will get paid, as often as daily for life!

Now back to Jonathan Hopkins. Jonathan Hopkins worked one year,
taking action on the advice of Rick Mathews, founder of WTIA (TM) advice, but year two, unfortunately, he spent in the hospital!

Now get this! However, since year one, he has "Walkaway Income".
His wife received thousands of dollars, 5 or 6 thousand month one, in Rick's recollection, while Jon was in the hospital and it continues today. Jonathan receives 150 dollars today.

I recall being in meetings over those two and half years that Jonathan was hospitalized and seeing his downline members asking how he was, had anyone heard from him, etc. This man, helped more people start earning money online in 1 year than you might imagine. Here then is a brief excerpt of his story, in Jonathan's own words from a recent "come back kid" e-mail he sent to F5M-Millionaires Club members:

From Jonathan ...

In November 2009 I went into the hospital.
Over the next 2 and 1/2 years,
my family was told on 4 different occasions
that I would not live through the night.

I guess I fooled them!
After 4 hospitals and 3 rehab facilities,
I finally came home in December 2011.

When I pulled up my online payment processors
I was surprised and relieved.

F5M-MC, Fortune 5 Minutes, $20 Miracle and
Wealth Team International Association
had been paying me the whole time!

My residual income from WTIA is in the thousands yearly now.
I'm paid over and over on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis.

I know I'll be receiving this income for the rest of my life!

Jonathan Hopkins
eWealth Administration
I have a sister who is a brain injury survivor. I've been that family member who has been told to say "goodbye" to your loved one. She did not leave us by God's grace, but is unable to ever work again. I can tell you I wish there had been F5MMC back then 19 years ago, paying her daily while she was in a coma for months. Jonathan, again by God's grace is able to work again and those of us inspired by his story, are truly grateful for his leadership.

As for this eWealth he mentions above, it's a new forum he started for all of us members, whether in his downline or not, to benefit from cash back advertising, a way for you to get paid to advertise your business.

The eWealth forum is only for F5MMC members and those programs mentioned above which F5MMC feeds into, i.e. Fortune 5 Minutes, Wealth Team International Association, etc. Feel free to click on the live links throughout this article to get more information  on each.

As Rick said in his update,
At any rate, this can be good free exposure for you,
IF you take ACTION and post in the free forum
when paid from Gold Booster,
Fortune5Minutes, 20M, WTIA, GLAD Club and MORE!

I've already posted early this morning,
so I'll look forward to seeing your posts there too, going forward?

You can start with a measly $5 to enter into a system which literally you can retire on here.  Then go post in the appropriate sections of Jonathan's forum as advised by one who walks the walk, he doesn't just talk the talk:

Please visit and post your best "Cash Back Advertising".
IF you do, and we like it, maybe we will join with You?
 One last note. You should not underestimate the power of the traffic in this forum.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

NetSpend is Expensive UNLESS you know how to Use It

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VivBounty here to share with you an article by Joseph A. Zyskowski, Founder,, which really could explode your income, but more than that a program where you learn to market any program you are involved with. This is marketing at its best for the lowest cost possible, and the zinger is you can get FREE $20 bills in the mail if you are USA based! Read, enjoy and be educated!

I recently received a rather interesting phone call. 
This person, we'll call him Jerry, called to tell me there was NO WAY he would signup for a pre-paid, NetSpend debit card because it's OUTRAGEOUS that they would charge him $9.95 per month just to have it!

"I have a legal background and I always read the fine print, and that's what it says they'll do!" Jerry exclaimed. "I have AlertPay, PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, a bunch of credit cards and a debit card from my bank that doesn't charge me anything. I don't need to pay $10 a month just to have NetSpend's stupid card!"


And this was from someone who had been in GetPaidToLearn101 for several months! Jerry obviously never took the time to go to Training / Getting Started / NetSpend Basics ... because if he had, he would have watched our videos and understood HOW to use his NetSpend card so it costs him LESS THAN PAYPAL to use it!

NetSpend offers you two options:

Option 1: Pay nothing per month but pay a $1 per use fee every time you use your card, or
Option 2: Pay $9.95 per month but pay NOTHING when you use your card.

If you use your card like a regular credit card, those $1 fees from Option 1 can add up. If you withdraw money from an ATM you're limited to withdrawing $300 per day and it will cost you $2.50 to do it!

So why would we recommend you use such an expensive card? Because it's SUPER CHEAP if you know how to use it!

I don't pay $9.95 per month.
Instead, I use Option 1, but I DON'T use my NetSpend card to go shopping.

So, if I'm not paying $9.95 per month and if I don't buy anything with my card ... what does it cost me per month to have it?


I also don't make cash withdrawls from my card at an ATM machine, because I'd be limited to only getting $300 at a time, and it would cost me $2.50 from NetSpend PLUS whatever the ATM operator would charge (maybe ANOTHER $2.50)!

So what do I do? How do I access my money?

I use my NetSpend card like an eWallet. People will pay me with $5 transfers from their NetSpend card to mine and it costs me NOTHING to receive their money. I also earn $20 referral fees when I refer others who sign up for the NetSpend card. I let this money accumulate on my card until there is enough there for me to make a trip to my bank. I simply give my card to the Bank Teller and say, "I want to transfer X amount from my card into my checking account." What does it cost me to do this? $2.50! How much can I transfer into my bank account at one time? Up to $4,999!

Having a NetSpend card is AWESOME ... if you know how to use it.

-- It costs NOTHING per month.
-- It costs NOTHING for people to pay you with a cardholder transfer
-- You're able t o earn $20 referral fees by sharing it with others.
-- They're able to get $20 of FREE money when they use your link to order their card!
-- It's FREE to get the card (they don't even charge for shipping and handling)!
-- There is no credit check ... because NetSpend isn't giving you any credit!

When you order your card, MAKE SURE YOU ...
1. Use someone's referral link to order your NetSpend card, DO NOT go directly to (if you do, you won't get $20 of free money). The link YOU should use is listed in your GetPaidToLearn101 back office under, What to do next, "2. Order Your NetSpend Card."
2. Use your FULL LEGAL FIRST NAME in your online application. If your name is Michael but you go by Mike, use Michael on your application. (You do not need to use a middle initial or middle name.)
3. Use your physical, HOME street address, NOT a PO Box or a business address.
4. When your card arrives, activate it ONLINE, not over the phone. If you activate it over the phone they will ask you for a referral code and unless you are logged into your GetPaidToLearn101 back office at the time, you won't remember the 10 digit number that's at the end of the referral link you used.
5. Go to one of their "Reload Centers" (an authorized store location) to load your first $40 onto your card. After your first load you can add additional funds online if you wish.

If you follow these directions, you should receive your card in approximately 7 to 10 business days. IMMEDIATELY after you load $40 onto your card you'll have a balance of $60 ... that's the $40 you loaded PLUS $20 of FREE MONEY!

Remember, if you join GetPaidToLearn101 for $15, paid one time per year, and you get $20 of FREE MONEY from NetSpend (because you used our link), it essentially costs you NOTHING to access our training for your first year!
You can earn $20 referral fees through NetSpend, too, by giving people you know your NetSpend referral link, but if you want to earn money with LEVERAGE and have a potential ARMY of people marketing your NetSpend link FOR YOU, you'll want to look at our Affiliate upgrade. You'll find all the details in your back office under "Upgrade."

The $5 from our affiliate program and $20 from NetSpend is just the TIP of the income potential iceberg. You can actually earn up to $285 per coded subscriber by taking advantage of ALL the income streams available to you. And, if you upgrade to a PLUS, you can even add your own program to our Bonus Money Bomb section, so your coded subscribers can signup using your link!

Please contact the GetPaidToLearn101 subscriber who shared this article with you so you can learn more and take advantage of the training and marketing platform we've created for you.
We look forward to helping you EXPLODE your income with

Thanks so much Joe for this very informative article and your dedication to us members of GetPaidToLearn101

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About the Author:
Joseph A. Zyskowski is a full time network marketer and the owner of which teaches network marketers how to market online using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Free Classified Sites, Legal Bulk eMail, and how to get unlimited FREE leads from Google. It costs $15 or $18 one time per year to access the Training section in GetPaidToLearn101's back office. A powerful marketing system is provided for FREE so subscribers can share with others and earn commissions for the subscribers they refer. To learn more, please contact the person who shared this article with you and ask them for their affiliate link.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Forum Set Up By STP For US State Regulations

Hello There, VivBounty with a quick update for those using SolidTrust Pay
and an online payment processor.

The following is an excerpt from e-mail received today from Rick Mathews,
founder of WTIA, always having our backs. Thank you, Rick :)

...Additionally, by the way, Stella Hiemstra, Owner of SolidTrust Pay,
and a recent guest speaker on my webinar "All Things Considered",
has set up a forum for those affected by, or otherwise interested in,
the new requirements imposed and being implemented worldwide by
The Federal Government of The United States of America.

Here is one post I copied for you, but there is much more on the forum:

"Essentially, all but 6 states are on 'the list' and therefore every state will eventually be affected.
We will absolutely let everyone know via this forum."
  Thanks also, once again and always to Stella.

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