Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can I Import Leads Into My Responder

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Today I bring you the first of a series of messages from Lead Generating Tools owner, Steve Swetman.For the many questions new and seasoned marketers alike have, Steve is always ready with an article or a tutorial to help you make the best decision for your online business.

Can I Import Leads Into My Responder?

Many of our new members are always asking what our importing policy is? Although we do allow importing of warm leads we keep the confirmation turned on. This means your subscribers must confirm that they want to be or stay in your contact list.

I took a look at the policies of the two biggest responder companies out there "Get Response" and "Aweber". I must say I was surprised to find out that they have the same exact policy of keeping the confirmation turned on for all accounts. Yes they will allow importing of warm leads only but your warm leads will have to confirm.

Here are a couple of links


Take special note of Get Response, if you don't customize a message they send out a generic confirmation message to your subscribers? Also look up the charges for both services and you will see they charge for list size. As your list grows you pay more! A list of only 5000 could cost you 50.00 or more a month!

Here at LGT we let you customize the confirmation message, then choose one of the many products in your member area to offer your subscribers to ensure a better chance of an opt-in.

We charge a flat rate for unlimited responders, and include the popular CPanel hosting.

Our Gold Members can host unlimited domains and create unlimited responders.

Still Only $29.95 a month!

Take Another Look and Compare Here Now...

We do not allow free members to import leads. But... here is everything you do get when you join free to take a good look around. Use these free services to build your list and your online brand. Learn to use a professional autoresponder Free!

Thank you Steve Swetman for continually keeping us abreast of the best online value for marketers worldwide.

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