Friday, November 19, 2010

Beware! Attending Our Meeting Will Restore Your Belief in Earning Online!

Hello There. VivBounty here to let you know, as my friend and sponsor in many online ventures once told me, "Meetings mean money". Now I really mean they do.

In my last post, I promised to share with you the programs we use to work from home and make money online. Well, this one is the primary focus and center of the create wealth section of our Web site. The problem is the word millionaire either scares folks, makes them think it's shady or worse, or draws those who think they can make millions doing nothing. WRONG!

If you're a program jumper and join whatever is cheap, free or promises the easiest road to riches online my guess is that you never really do anything with the system, software, opportunity or whatever they call it this week, right? Right! Well you sit there for weeks, months, or worse yet, years, then find that they never delivered what they promised.

Well I'm here to inform you that with this meeting, if you've never attended one of ours before, that's all about to change. That is, if you actually, listen to the presentation, turn right around and do one or more of the very easy steps to earning immediately, you, like many before you, could actually earn cash and be in profit faster than you ever thought possible. Members have made hundreds of dollars their first day. I kid you not. We have pages and pages of testimonials to prove it from real people who you can actually interact with in our forum.

The founder of this club, personally works the business the same way all us members do. There is no top and bottom. Anyone who works their business, earns money online just as he teaches twice a week, patiently going over how easy it is and many different ways you can market. Just pick one or more of the advertising techniques laid out in our guide, or combine them, he teaches you how, apply yourself, never give up and soon you will be earning. It's even possible on any given day to earn more than John Kielec who founded the F5M-Millionaires-Club or Rick Matthews founder of the Wealth System (TM). The person who works the smartest and most consistently is simply going to earn the most. That's the fairness of this system and the brilliant design of it that has been paying folks just like you and I daily for over 17 years in every free country in the world.

It's free to attend the meeting. No downloading necesssary. It's a flash room which just appears in your browser. No password either. Next meeting is tomorrow, Saturday, November 19th, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time (New York or Toronto time for us Canadians). Here are the details. Just scroll down and enter the room.

Hope to see you there. You'll be amazed at what you learn about marketing and just how a few simple steps could make you tons of money. Oh, did I mention it's FIVE BUCKS, one time out of pocket to get in for life?

Until next time,
Helping You Create Wealth,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Blog Training From TrudyVan in the LGT Training Room

Hello World, VivBounty here to say I am ecstatic to announce the return of TrudyVan's blogging classes in the Lead Generating Tools training room.

This will be my 3rd time attending TrudyVan's blog training and everytime I go through a session, I learn something new. Not only is TrudyVan growing and keeping up with all the new trends in blogging, but she guides the newbie and the veteran blogger alike to create and update their blog to best serve their own purpose. Over the past 2-3 years, the blogger platform has continued to add new gadgets and improvements to help you get the best exposure for your blog, website and/or affiliate products you may wish to promote. TrudyVan shows you in her class how to use all the new stuff that has come out in each successive blog training.

In other words, this free training is really that, FREE! It is not to coerce you to join anything else. It really is to teach you step-by-step to create a blog from scratch even for the most techno-challenged person. You can create this blog for personal stuff, business stuff, for a specific niche, or just to brand your name and begin your online presence from there.

To join the blogging class, which runs for 3 more days, today, Wednesday Nov 17th until Friday Nov 19th, 2010 in the LGT Training room from 11:00 a.m. Eastern (New York) time, for 2 hours until 1:00 p.m.,
all you have to do is join LGT as a free member to attend training.  Once you've joined, log into your back office, go to the "training + web development" icon you see here. Click on "Enter Our Flash Room No Download Needed!" and log into the conference room with your name, no password required.

Be sure to join us. We're having a blast! Oh and by the way, here's just some of the stuff you get with your LGT membership too:
  •  Unlimited Pro Responders List Building use for all your campaigns, build multiple lists! Each responder you create has it's own Full Subscriber Reporting Area. Easily move a subscriber from one list to another. Why pay for just responders?
  • Ad Tracking, Cloaking, URL Rotator
  • LGT Prospecting System List Building Pages to promote. Free and Paid Members can promote our prospecting page! Example 1  Example
    2 If a subscriber fills out your form you will receive an email with the name and email address of the subscriber. The subscriber will receive 5 follow up emails customized to your LGT ID.
  • LGT Affiliate Program - Make Money! Anyone can become an Affiliate of Lead Generating Tools. Free Members as well as Paid Members Receive Full Commission on personal sales. Becoming a member of Lead Generating Tools does not make you an affiliate.You must sign up as an affiliate from your member area under the Affiliate Icon.
  • Post Articles on Our Website -
    Great for back links to your website
  • Submit Your Products to our Website -
    Our Members can rate and even purchase your products.
  • Member 2 Member Offers - Have a Special offer?Send it to our Membership!
  •  Create a Member Profile for Review 
  • Find Joint Venture Partners
  •  Free Separate Affiliate Program -
    Join From Your member Area
  • Live Workshops in our Conference Room
    (There is a Schedule link provided here also.)
Yes, I know I said this is an online biz guide blog. Everything you need for your online marketing efforts is contained within LGT in one marketing dashboard and free training to show you how to use each tool.

As we go forward I will share with you each of the programs we use to create wealth.

Until next time,
Helping You Create Wealth,